Summer Flowers

I thought that I had posted these. Maybe I did on Facebook. These were taken during the "golden hour" near what was once known as Lake Louise. The property is no longer owned by Georgia [...]

Boating on Lake Hartwell!

We (three of us) have been wanting to get an older boat forever. We finally found one that doesn't need any work; it's lake ready but we are restoring this and that on the boat [...]

When we visit Wayah Bald

When we visit Wayah Bald, it's usually to test something. This time it was to test Pat's "new" hip. She's about five weeks out from her replacement surgery. This is the perfect place to walk [...]

Wessy and Ellie

Wessy has a little friend—Ellie the beagle, and I can't begin to tell you how much she loves her. I work in the morning and after lunch and around 3:15, it's time to go see [...]

Wessy and the Oconaluftee River Trail

A trip to Oconaluftee is always fun. It's all about getting away and enjoying the lifestyle of the mountains. This area borders Cherokee, NC, home to the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. A little history [...]