Dinner Time at Cavonna’s

Recently, I went to Cavonna's farm to see her new baby pigs, but before we drove over to do that we saw the goats! It was dinner time at the farm and everyone was ready [...]

Never Photographed a Pig Before!

I've photographed a lot of things—a lot of people from all walks of life, lots of sports moments, lots of beauty in our country and abroad, but I have never photographed a herd of pigs [...]

Tugaloo River Corridor Light

A while back I walked beside the Tugaloo River Corridor and was surprised by the beauty and also the light that was on this area. Right now, I'm all about color and light! The river [...]

Whiteside Mountain

Recovery from Chemo is my primary goal—not really hiking the longest trail right now. Though most of you know I want to hike longer until I can go back to the Len Foote Hike Inn [...]

The Max Patch Trail

  For years, my friend Beth (in the background) has been telling me about Max Patch. She has hiked it with her family, and I finally told her, "Let's do it." I'm still in recovery [...]