Hike to Oconee Station Falls

This is an easy hike to Oconee Station Falls (also called Station Cove Falls) near Walhalla, SC. It follows an old logging road and is probably a 20 minute walk to the falls. We took [...]

Westview Cemetery and Treat Angels

Westview Cemetery opened in October of 1884 and has nearly six-hundred acres of land. That's a lot of land on the west side of Atlanta. It was designed to be the premier cemetery in the [...]

Love Requires Sacrifice

A couple of years ago after I had completed my chemo treatments and was “safely” on the other side in recovery, I was going over all I had gone through and all God had done [...]

Wessy’s First Time on the AT

What a beautiful spring day! I loved this hike and will go back in the next couple of weeks. The Appalachian Trail is waking up and looking so good. The hike up to Wildcat Mountain [...]

Wessy’s First Little Hike

We have often hiked to Hemlock Falls. But for the past several years, I have not walked this trail due to the severe storm damage caused by two strong hurricanes that blew through the area! [...]