Wessy’s First Little Hike

We have often hiked to Hemlock Falls. But for the past several years, I have not walked this trail due to the severe storm damage caused by two strong hurricanes that blew through the area! [...]

Sunday with Friends

Sometimes, you don't have to go far to find peace and beauty. Walking and hiking along a local area in Toccoa. Anne even found two daffodils to take home with her. Then there were were [...]

Blood Mountain Wilderness and Preacher’s Rock

  Yesterday, we were at Woody Gap and hiked to Preacher's Rock and on a little further. It was cool and windy at the Gap but very nice on the top. It's been weeks since [...]

Doing Grown Up Stuff

Yesterday, I took Wessy for her first walk at Broken Bridges and the county park! Wow! What a difference a year makes in the way this area looks. Clean, some grass planted, and no sign [...]