St. Simons Light

What a crazy day this was. Once, I remember fog dropping down all around me on the beach at Tybee Island when I lived in Savannah but never this lite and in sunshine. Well, it [...]

Sometimes It’s Fun to Post Black and White

Over the years, I've spent a lot of time on this pier and on St. Simon's Island. I remember it when—there were few tourists, sweet beach cottages, friendly native residents, and no large chain anything! [...]

Searching for R. G. LeTourneau

Recently, we went on a short search for what was left of R. G. LeTourneau's life in Toccoa, and I can tell you not much. R.G. LeTourneau was an industrialist that held more than 300 [...]

Red! My best buddy!

This cow drove me crazy when I first started taking photos at this field. She was younger and always in my face! I could hardly take photos of the other cows because she was determined [...]