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Travelers Rest

Traveler's Rest today. This stagecoach inn and plantation home was built around 1815 by James R. Wyly. He strategically located it along the Unicoi Turnpike (formerly an Native American footpath), which was an early highway [...]

Just before the Storm

I'm really getting into these afternoon storms. They are super charged and beautiful. I was out with the camera this afternoon taking photos at Traveler's Rest when I noticed lightening at the lake. You got [...]

Before the Storm

Black Rock Mountain State Park is easily one of my (quick) favorite places for me and the dogs to visit. Yesterday, when I started out, I didn't realize that rain was headed that way. Well, [...]

Cows Gone Wild!

I really can't get in the field with these cows. Why? Because suddenly, they have become my 1,600 pound friends! When they were younger, they were easier to manage but now they have become too [...]