Frying Pan Mountain!

Here's a look at the trail for Frying Pan Mountain. The week before Labor Day Weekend had been full to overflowing. We were tired after packing and leaving behind the Tugaloo River and Sunset Paddle. [...]

Sunset at Waterrock Knob

It's been a couple of years since I said, "Let's drive out for sunset on the Blue Ridge Parkway." The crazy recovery from chemo continues but it's going so much better. So, we are off [...]

Sunflower Love

Sunflowers in the south peak in late August and September. This year, I think they were here and  gone pretty quickly—maybe because of our extremely hot weather! Whenever I do see a field of sunflowers, [...]

Yellow Branch Trail and the Heat!

This is the simple South Carolina trail that almost took me out! It was only a three mile in and out; but evidently, the heat was just too much. Several days later, I ended up [...]

Rewind: Wayah Bald

So, to continue a month or rather summer of anniversaries, we recently returned to Wayah Bald. As we were easily walking up the pathway that was home to bunnies and wild flowers, I remembered that [...]