Over the years, I have gotten to know Ellen, who owns FarmHouse Poundcakes. Her website says, ” We Are a Small Batch Bakery & Gift Shop housed in a restored 1832 Farm House nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains!”

“We specialize in old-fashioned southern pound cakes, locally roasted coffee and craft teas, local artisan crafts and baked goods that will make you want to hug your grandma! Now serving lunch as a ‘grab and go’ or dine outside on our beautiful grounds, check out the menu tab for this week’s offerings.”

The pound cakes are over the top wonderful along with the other offerings all the way to the luncheon menu! Here you have a place that specializes in homemade goodies, smiles, and hospitality! The menu is perfect for a light lunch. My chicken salad sandwich on a homemade croissant along with asparagus soup was delicious and I chose to eat outside . . . .

It was a perfect spring day—a light breeze under shady oaks with the farmhouse cat laying nearby.

I’ve photographed here before but for some reason, I really wanted to relax and enjoy the landscape through my camera’s lens.

But first, lunch was so good that I ate it before I could photograph it! Here’s what’s left of Ellen’s fantastic salted caramel cupcake.

Wessy was with me and Ellen allowed her to go on the Farmhouse’s Meadow Walk. I don’t think dogs are “allowed,” but Wessy slipped through and was perfect and very respectful of the landscape! (Smile)

My Wessy Joy is growing up. She’s following commands, comes when called, and hangs out at my side. That is without the addition of any birds or squirrels or other dogs!

Just a beautiful day in the patchy sunlight.

I always tell Wessy to “follow the trail” or “find the trail.” I have no idea if she knows what this means, but she is definitely beginning to “stay on the trail” whether we are some place like this or on a tight little trail along the AT.

I’ll probably print this one! I don’t know if I have ever seen a greater expression of pure joy and total happiness!

Ellen said next year, she will “plant” this meadow. She already has a great start with some pretty amazing grasses and nature wild flowers!

Always a Welcome sign out at Farmhouse Poundcakes!