We found Elk in Cataloochee!

Beth mentioned we could see Elk at Cataloochee in the Great Smoky National Park, and I immediately said, "Let's go." I love Native American names and places so I thought this would be fun. According to the National Park website, Elk once roamed the southern Appalachian mountains as freely has they did anywhere else in [...]

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Hiking Black Balsam Bald – America the Beautiful!

I don't like hats and will probably "lose" the one I wore on this hike. But the real point of the photos is to show that there is life after Chemo! Right now, I probably know almost 20 people (a huge number for anyone), who are fighting cancer. Most people when they first call or [...]

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Cows Gone Wild!

I really can't get in the field with these cows. Why? Because suddenly, they have become my 1,600 pound friends! When they were younger, they were easier to manage but now they have become too happy when they see me. Blessing or Curse? They immediately come up to me and want me to rub their [...]

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Indian Island in the center of the backwaters of Lake Hartwell is almost underwater. We paddled out to it recently and just sat and talked about all that has happened over the past year. This time last June, I was clueless about having cancer. The discovery and the operation hit just after July 4! Then [...]

2018 Tugaloo River Paddle

Last year, I had no way of knowing whether I would be able to paddle The Tugaloo River History Tour this year or not. A serious brush with cancer, chemo treatments, and recovery (that I'm still going through) zapped my strength. But guess what? I kept paddling through! Perfect Days are never perfect but [...]

My Cocoa Joy

I'm so grateful that Cocoa is still with me. She's 13 and showing her age, but she still loves to go wherever I go. On this walk, I was struck with a couple of unchanging facts about this dog: She really wants to be with me, and she doesn't really care if anyone else is [...]