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Sunset at the Farm

I'm not a fan of sun glare but this seemed to work the other night. I realize that many think it's cool. I get it! And there is something fun about these photos. This farm is in Martin. It's so hard to photograph because the sun is either too "hot" or setting and very bright. [...]

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The Feeling Lingers

There is a reason why they call it the Blue Ridge Parkway. No amount of adjustment can change this color, especially in the late afternoon. Blue is the color of the mountains in the later afternoon, right now. Though it will remain blueish even in summer. On this day, we were not looking to hike [...]

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Once a Gold Mine Trail

Here's another quick and easy thing to do on a Sunday afternoon—walk the Hardman Farm trail to Helen. We've been wanting to walk it for a while now, but winter rains literally washed part of it away. Thankfully, it was still "walkable" when we went there a few weeks ago. I did a little bit [...]

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