Heading up to the top of Cowrock Mountain. Lots of fun on this one and also a sense of accomplishment. We did it! Wessy led the way!

Cowrock Mountain is located in the Raven Cliffs Wilderness in the Chattahoochee National Forest. It’s also located in Lumpkin and White counties in northeast Georgia. The mountain forms a north–south ridge. Its northern peak, Cowrock, has an elevation of 3,852 feet (1,174 m) and its southern peak, Cowrock Flat, has an elevation of 3,502 feet (1,067 m).

Cowrock is the 27th highest peak in Georgia. The Appalachian Trail crosses Cowrock Mountain and continues on north bound. The mountain is located within the Raven Cliffs Wilderness in the Chattahoochee National Forest. It sees lots of foot traffic in late winter and early spring as AT hikers begin the 2,100 plus push to Maine and Mt. Katahdin.

Me and Wessy on top of Cowrock with Wildcat Mountain and others behind me. Mt. Yonah is in the mix, too.

Huge Rock at the top that Wessy kept climbing and I kept getting her off of it! Hikers have reported that in the warmer months Copperhead snakes live under the rock! Yikes!

Yellow Jacket dip. That is what I call this part of the trail. In spring and summer this area is filled with lots of green! Wildflowers grow along the trail and Yellow Jackets build their nests in the ground. Trekking through here is a signal to keep moving!

Oh, those rocky climbs but then you do hit an area of plenty of switch backs that help.

The view. I never get tired of looking off into the northeast Georgia Mountains. We have hiked most of these via day hikes.

A selfie: Just because I can!

Six hundred foot elevation gain and it all begins at the beginning.

Wessy loves to climb rocks and the little brown dog (Boykin Spaniel) is dang good at it!