Wintery Hike to the top of Rabun Bald!

  Up Rabun Bald again! This is from a few weeks ago. I'm behind on my posts maybe because I have a new puppy, who is pulling on me 24/7. My story: Beth had never [...]

Wintering on Whiteside Mountain!

Whiteside Mountain near Highlands is always a favorite winter hike. Usually, we hike in ice and snow. This time it was just cold and wintery. I posted some of these photos on FB but wanted [...]

Tate City Adventure with Wessy

We have been hearing about "Tate City" for a long time, and it is beautiful but it also was really damaged by the last hurricane that blew through. Still, it's a great Sunday afternoon drive [...]

Do You Know Me?

These were Christ’s words to Phillip: “Don’t you know me . . . even after I have been among you such a long time?” (John 14:9) Recently, after watching some news reports, these words came [...]

Wessy’s First Snow

I love seeing all the snow fall photos from this past weekend! How I wanted to be out on a trail hiking through the snow with my "snow chains" on my shoes, but I'm in [...]