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Whiteside Mountain

Recovery from Chemo is my primary goal—not really hiking the longest trail right now. Though most of you know I want to hike longer until I can go back to the Len Foote Hike Inn [...]

The Max Patch Trail

  For years, my friend Beth (in the background) has been telling me about Max Patch. She has hiked it with her family, and I finally told her, "Let's do it." I'm still in recovery [...]

We found Elk in Cataloochee!

Beth mentioned we could see Elk at Cataloochee in the Great Smoky National Park, and I immediately said, "Let's go." I love Native American names and places so I thought this would be fun. According [...]

Devil’s Courthouse

I learned a lot about the Balds along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Most were man-made when they stripped the lumber off the areas and the "locomotives" removing the lumber sent sparks flying in the nearby [...]

Now, We’re Lovin’ Waterrock Knob

The view from the trail going up to Waterrock Knob. The day before I chose to hike up Black Balsam Bald because it was an easier trek to the top and this trail was "strenuous." [...]