Peak Bagging – Black Balsam Bald

Earlier in the summer, I almost hiked Black Balsam Bald, but stopped before I reached the summit because I had not hiked that far in well over a year! For almost eight months, I dealt [...]

Bears and Hiking Yellow Face

This is a longer than normal post, but I wrote it so I would remember this adventure with friends and fellow bear trackers! We always sit on this porch in Balsam, North Carolina, and look [...]

Hiking Richland Balsam Mountain

During my trip to Balsam in July, I got this really wild and crazy idea—hike at least six of the over 6,000 peaks in North Carolina and Tennessee. There are supposed to be 40 of [...]

Sunset, the River, and Tugaloo Bend Beaver Ponds!

Finally, we had a break in the rain and I had a break in my schedule, and we headed out to the Tugaloo River for a sunset paddle to a very special hidden place—the wetlands [...]

Lake Tugaloo!

By far, this is one of my favorite lakes. (But I say that about all our lakes.) Lake Tugaloo is wild and undeveloped and it's practically in my backyard. It is also very deep—from what [...]