No 6th Peak Yet

Sheer disappointment filled my heart as I walked this path. I had wanted to complete the Six Peak challenge but was denied the opportunity because the Blue Ridge Parkway was closed due to icy conditions. [...]

This Could Be Something like Our View! Yikes!

Right, this could be our view on Saturday as we climb our last mountain in the challenge to hike six mountain peaks over 6,000 feet before the end of the year! This is a photo [...]

Chip Meet Mrs. Cow!

Wow! Chip, the cow dog, usually doesn't get this close to cows simply because he has this crazy love for them. I hesitate to let him walk with me in the fields because I'm afraid [...]

Treking: North Carolina

I love taking off on a Sunday afternoon and driving up to North Carolina, and Dry Falls is always a favorite destination. But it has been years since I have walked down the steps and [...]

Getting Ready for Fall!

Usually, when we walk into this field the cows just stand and look at me. I always think they are wondering what I will do next, This super crazy lady is back! But that was [...]