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It’s Been a Year

It seems like only last week or last month but it has been a lot longer. It has been a year since I paddled my kayak on Lake Yonah. Yesterday, we just went about our [...]


Last year while visiting western Pennsylvania, I couldn't help but notice the many farms that had been abandoned. Dairy farms were no longer in operation. Many had been owned by Amish families. The custom is [...]

My Cocoa Joy

I'm so grateful that Cocoa is still with me. She's 13 and showing her age, but she still loves to go wherever I go. On this walk, I was struck with a couple of unchanging [...]

Longnose Falls

We were able to paddle out from a friend's house on the back or head waters of Lake Hartwell. Really, this and the Tugaloo River is the very beginning of the Lake. Yesterday, the temperatures [...]

Some of my favorite Cows!

Sunset times are the best for being with the cows in Toccoa. There's a little hidden place where I go to "walk among the cows." The babies are curious but skittish. The adults will let [...]




Sunset by the Lake

You Can Buy the Book!

Right Outside my Door

Brilliant Sunset

Oh, Cocoa Joy

Sunday at Glenn Falls

Cocoa Joy

Cocoa’s Back!