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Determined for fun!

It has rained and rained and rained some more. This was our second paddle of the spring season, and we left from the back half of Lake Yonah. I think we all were determined to [...]

The Road Less Traveled

Needing to make a decision about the future and think I will take the road less traveled!

More from Tugaloo Bend

I keep taking people out to the Tugaloo Bend Heritage Park to see the area and how it has changed over these last few years. This is one of my favorite settings. It overlooks the [...]

What’s the big deal? Plenty!

Some people may ask, "What's the big deal? You go out on the river all the time with your kayak." But recently and especially over the last nine months, I haven't. In fact, this is [...]

Nora Mill Revisited

Sometimes you just have to get away and go for a ride. And if you live in northeast Georgia, it is really cool to get away and buy some stone ground grits and oatmeal at [...]




Sunset by the Lake

You Can Buy the Book!

Right Outside my Door

Brilliant Sunset

Oh, Cocoa Joy

Sunday at Glenn Falls

Cocoa Joy

Cocoa’s Back!