Sunday Travels: Fireplace, Cows, and Cocoa Powder!

Such a familiar scene. Notice that because of all the rain, photos are now being taken inside! This is of the Old Saute Store, of course. They keep a fire going in the fireplace all [...]

Wintering along the Chattooga River

Last weekend, we drove up to find a location along the Chattooga River that I had wanted to visit for a long time—Woodall Shoals. It is a deadly Class 4 rapid.

Fun at Grove Park Inn

Last year, I was not strong enough to travel to Grove Park to celebrate New Year's, because I was still recovering from Chemo. But this year was different. The Inn was beautiful as usual. Surprise: [...]

Cows for You!

The main thing I have learned about being around cows is that they are curious. The second thing I have learned is that they are very social. I call the cow on the right Bosco! [...]

Pizza and Friends

Highlands is always a peaceful destination for us, and we were sure that it would be a quiet retreat from the hurried pace of Christmas—since it was "Christmas past." We were so wrong. This was [...]