Only God Can Make A Tree!

At last a tree hugger! It seems more important (at this moment) to write more about the tree in the Joyce Kilmer Forest than it does to give directions to the park, or talk about [...]

A Very Cool Visit to the Huron Lighthouse

The mouth of the Huron River on Lake Erie was one of the first ports of Ohio to be settled. As early as 1749, a French trading post operated from this port, but it did [...]

Western PA Barns and Things

Okay, so this is an Amish buggy and notice how I waited for it to pass by before I took the photo! Honestly, I would not want someone to stand outside my home and snap [...]

Sheep of My Pasture

Amish sheep: The sun was setting and I saw these guys watching me. They stood perfectly still until I said, "Hi guys!" And then off they ran—over the hill. I only had a second to [...]

From Denny’s Corner

I posted these photos on Facebook but wanted to also put them on my website just to keep everything archived. I think this angle is one of my favorites of what I'm now calling Denny's [...]