Cedar Farm Inn Retreat

Click on photos to enlarge them. A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to western Pa to attend the funeral for Denny and then a memorial service for him and his beloved wife [...]

A Promise Kept

Click on images to enlarge A few weeks ago, I got us caught in a horrendous thunderstorm complete with thunder, lightening, and hail. I had never been as wet as I was that [...]

From Sunset to the Blue Hour in PA

Click on images to enlarge. Sunset is one of my favorite times of the day, especially in western Pennsylvania. The farms light up with a strong candle's glow! I don't think this is [...]

Black Balsam Bald Friendship!

Click on photos to enlarge them. Hiking Black Balsam Bald was a little different this year. Pat and I were determined to do it and we did, but Anne and Beth were not [...]

When the Horses Come

Years ago, one of my favorite recording artists Margaret Becker wrote the song "Horses" that contains these words: "I want no regrets when the horses come for me."  Such odd words but as a Christian, [...]