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Destination: Wayah Bald, North Carolina

We started out with a destination of Franklin, North Carolina thinking it would be fun to go a Scottish Festival. The real action happened earlier in the day, and we were left to wander through [...]


Indian Island in the center of the backwaters of Lake Hartwell is almost underwater. We paddled out to it recently and just sat and talked about all that has happened over the past year. This [...]

Rambling through north Georgia

We had a surprise moment last weekend as we traveled to the end of Betty's Creek Road in Clayton County. We came up on waterfalls! I really needed a "water" moment and these were lush, [...]

God’s Plans = Good Plans!

By Angie Ramage On July 8,2017, I woke up from surgery thinking that like many times in the past, the doctor had routinely removed noncancerous endometrial mass. But instead I heard an oncologist say, “You [...]

My Goodness: Yellow Fields!

I love sunsets. Lots of times, we focus on the larger view and overlook the smaller ones like the tall grasses in this field tipped with the light of the setting sun. A couple of [...]