What a great North Carolina hike!

For the sake of no comments, I'm going to call this hike the trail to Pickens Ridge! (It's really Pickens Nose) LOL! I've been here before as you will read at the end of this [...]

The Elk at the Oconaluftee Visitor Center

After I started following photographer Deborah Scannell and saw her photos of the Elk in the southern Appalachian mountains, I was convinced that I could capture a photo of them, too. Not as nicely done [...]

Goodbye, Black Balsam . . . for now.

  I can't get enough of the Blue Ridge Parkway that runs through North Carolina and over to Eastern Tennessee. We climbed Black Balsam Knob again on this last trip and I think it is [...]

Finally, Mt. Collins

Funny thing about Mt. Collins (in the Smoky Mountains): it seems to move around or at least it was very illusive to us. We tried in vain to find its summit last fall before the [...]

Summer’s Fading Glory

Sometimes, I just want to post photos that are far away from what I do each day in the lowlands! I love spring and can't wait each year to see buds on flowers opening up. [...]