Loving the wildflowers along our river walk! Just over the line in South Carolina.

Beautiful Trillium!

The is my favorite! My hunt ad conquest of the May Apple!

Beautiful pink native azalea.

Another Trillium . . . this time Pink!

Our wonderful river! The Tugaloo River gets it water from the Chattooga River. Right now this little river is running fast and is wild like its older sister!

The road in to our secret area where the wild flowers grow! It is a closed road, so we hike it.

My grandmother’s favorite in spring: the sweet shrub.

In the summer, we walk across this river and journey on to the other side were the flora is very dramatic. This is now a protected area under a land management group. It is early spring when this photo was taken and the water is much too cool for wading!

More red trillium. This shy little plant always captures my imagine since it is one of the first to reappear on the forest floor after a long winter! It you see trillium pushing up through the leaves, you know spring is here!

Wessy! Nothing too much more to say except she still cannot jump off the rock into the river. That’s a steadfast rule!

But she can run through this shallow river and play all she wants to play.

A reminder that I forgot the bumper again! She’s going to find something to fetch!

And fetch she does!!!

After we have played out hearts out, we have to leave—only someone is not too anxious to leave!

A beautiful good bye!