Finally, we had one day of sunlight after a week of rain. When you live close to the Appalachian Trail, you head up to it as often as possible. You will remember that Wildcat is where Wessy learned to walk using her e-collar. I’m happy to report that she is doing so well that she is now climbing up the mountain and skipping the switchbacks along the way! Alert! Alert! She doesn’t get to do that! It is called a “Bear Attraction!” I call her back to me asap!

Another bit of news: I have stopped my maintenance chemo treatments. No need for a drum roll or anything else! I have gone through 22 treatments and have been NED (No Evidence of Disease) since last May (2023) following my surgery.
In all fairness to my doctor, I think my reoccurrence bothered him and his team greatly. It bothered me! In a way, I was on the road to being a long-standing “poster child” for this amazing group.
Last Friday, when I made the decision to stop, they said they understood and admitted that they love me. So very kind and I love them back. God has used them twice to pull me back from the brink of cancer. I was NED and in remission for over five years. My cancer pointer numbers are low, and all my scans are clear.
So, after lots of time spent in prayer, I finally realized my body is tired of Taxol and ready for some time spent on the hiking trail again . . . or even time with Wessy at Mom’s and with friends. I still have an earthly net beneath me. My doctor will continue to see me every 8 weeks! (You know how I feel about driving in Atlanta traffic!) I’ll have scans every six months and monthly blood draws to check my CA 125.
So, it’s time to get back to living life a little bit more by faith with God again. Psalm 33: 16-18 are the verses He used to say: The trail goes this way! Let’s go!

Faithful friend Pat hiked to the top of Wildcat with me.

She and Wessy love this mountain. It will remain a favorite forever.

I never want to take this view for granted. Wildcat mountain is a short distance from Cleveland, GA, at Tesnatee Gap near Hogpen Gap!

I always love climbing through rhododendron tunnels on the way to the top of this mountain.