The hike to the top of Cowrock Mountain (at Tesnatee Gap) travels through the beautiful Raven Cliff Wilderness just north of Georgia’s mountain towns of Helen and Cleveland. This seems to be an area that we keep visiting for a couple of reasons. The paths are a little wider and easy to hike with Wessy and the main reason is that Cowrock, Wildcat, and Preacher’s Rock are easy afternoon hikes.

The views from the top are stunning. Getting there is lots of fun—up, down, up and then along switchbacks. The hike rates moderate to difficult, gaining over 600 feet of elevation from Tesnatee Gap in a .85 mile climb from the trailhead. While the climb from Tesnatee Gap is nearly continuously up, switchbacks ease the elevation gain throughout the hike. And while it’s a decent workout, the summit views make the effort so worthwhile.

This is one of my favorite parts of the hike. In summer this area is covered up to your shoulders in wild flowers.

This is all that is left of the past summer.

My Little Brown Dog! I love her . . . and I think she knows it.

Wessy standing squarely on the AT. So many hikers pass this way each year on their way north and hopefully Maine and Mt. Katahdin.

I wanted to get this post up because we hiked Cowrock after the first of the year and now it is April. It is such a nice hike especially after you get up the lower section.

Pat and Anne enjoying the late afternoon view. Notice the AT blaze in the foreground.

With the sun setting we hurried back down the mountain. Wessy had not been to Blaine’s or met Bree. This lead is not the one we use now. Plus, she wears an e-collar today.

Winter sun setting as we are almost back at the parking lot.

My little Wessy. She had a wonderful hike and I did, too!