Here’s me and Wessy at the top of Black Rock Mountain in Rabun County about 30 minutes from where we live. “Someone” was not the least bit interested in posing for the camera! This area has long been a favorite of mine for a quick visit, especially on Sunday afternoons.

This is Georgia’s highest state park and it has some outstanding scenery that takes in Georgia‚Äôs Blue Ridge Mountains. Roadside overlooks provide spectacular 80-mile vistas, and four hiking trails lead visitors past wildflowers, streams, small waterfalls and lush forests. At the summit, there’s a visitor center with an overlook, a gift shop, and picnic tables. The park also has cottages, along with RV and tent camping sites. It’s a very nice state park!

I always think the forests in Georgia are beautiful in early summer! The greens are brilliant! We walked through fern glades with a few tiny wild flowers. Not much light can get through the canopy created by the hardwoods!

But a few areas were open enough to have summer daisies dotting the trail.

I don’t know what this flower is called but I have seen it all spring and now into summer at different altitudes.

On this particular trail, you go down and up and then down until you come to a switch back and then you go UP! The “up” is do-able but you will definitely know you are gaining elevation.

Along the way, Wessy was doing what comes naturally to her: bird watching!

This her happy response to what she is hearing. I have never had a dog that responses to nature the way she does!

Waiting for me to say, “Let’s go!” This wonderful pathway travels through dense woods before climbing up to a rocky vista and overlook.

At the top, we were treated to a really cool granite marker. This is going to be a favorite nearby trail, especially for Sunday afternoons.

It is a little hard to see but she is looking up smiling again! This dog loves hiking. So, I know that I picked the right breed. Now, if I could master her sheer strength!

I was telling a friend with a young family that this is a perfect hike for any age. It has some dramatic views and the trees at the top are stunning. Not that old, but they are definitely being shaped by the winds and the weather. I’ve had the rangers tell me that Black Rock has it’s own climate. It is about 10 degrees cooler than nearby Clayton. And the weather can change quickly.

The lookout takes in views as far away as North Carolina and Tennessee, of course. This trail is called the Tennessee Rock Trail for a reason!

Anne and Pat found a nice little spot to sit for a moment while I photographed the “rocks”!

More rocks along the ridgeline at the top. We always say we love hiking a ridgeline. Who doesn’t?! You have made it to the top and now you get to coast along with views on both sides.

Got Water?! Wes is not a big water drinker. She waits until she is back in the car and then wants to eat something and drinks a lot!

I’m loving my full frame camera and new lens. Sony’s system is known for the popping of colors but I still miss my Nikons. This currant camera is smaller and easier to hike with so as I grow older, I’m opting for lighter!