Wessy is resting at my feet after a tough little climb up the road leading to the Glassy Mountain summit and fire tower. This is a beautiful place for a picnic or just relaxing. It’s a bald (no trees) and the perfect place for a little brown dog to run.

Of course, as 5 pm approached, we had to have our dinner! You could set your watch by Wessy’s tummy. She knows when it is time to eat!

These fire towers are fading from our landscape. There is probably no saving them. Vandals broke into the top of this one and knocked out all the glass. It’s so bad that people have written about not climbing up into the cab because it is so dangerous because of all the broken glass. I’ll never understand how we got to this point in our country where we want to damage and destroy property.

Glassy Mountain is 3,415 feet high. It’s located in Rabun County, and its summit looks out to the mountains of the Chattahoochee National Forest. It’s also the location of NOAA Weather Radio station KX181, which serves nearby Clayton, Lake Burton and adjacent areas of northeast Georgia along with upstate South Carolina and western North Carolina.

Storm clouds gathered but none came near us. I climbed the fire tower alone as Wessy stayed with Pat on the ground! The concrete pad area is or was used for helicopter landings. When you stand on it, you can see the faint markings for landings.

I have to be careful not to call Wessy, or she will move heaven and earth to get to me. She sees me in this photo but doesn’t know how I got to this point. Thank goodness! But she is certainly thinking about it!

Because we hike in remote areas where there are few people, I keep Wessy on a short drop lead. I will never totally let her off lead. Too many dogs are lost in the woods all because they chased after a silly squirrel. Plus, Wessy is never without her e-collar—meaning I’m in constant contact with her through small electrical pulses. She comes back to me quickly and I can grab her lead up at a moment’s notice!