Rime Ice at Neel Gap!

We found rime ice (frost that has formed on cold objects by the rapid freezing of water vapor in cloud or fog) but that's all. So, the good news is this: it was not raining [...]

Sunday Travels: Fireplace, Cows, and Cocoa Powder!

Such a familiar scene. Notice that because of all the rain, photos are now being taken inside! This is of the Old Sautee Store, of course. They keep a fire going in the fireplace all [...]

Wintering along the Chattooga River

Last weekend, we drove up to find a location along the Chattooga River that I had wanted to visit for a long time—Woodall Shoals. It is a deadly Class 4 rapid.

Fun at Grove Park Inn

Last year, I was not strong enough to travel to Grove Park to celebrate New Year's, because I was still recovering from Chemo. But this year was different. The Inn was beautiful as usual. Surprise: [...]

Cows for You!

The main thing I have learned about being around cows is that they are curious. The second thing I have learned is that they are very social. I call the cow on the right Bosco! [...]