Wessy is back from training, and I’m happy to report there’s a little change but not too much. Sigh.

So, in a few weeks, we’ll try another trainer. Meanwhile, her love for sticks has not faded. It comes from her mother Remy. Wes will carry a small stick for an short mile without dropping it. A trainer once told me dogs can’t do two things at the same time. If that’s true, Wessy is the exception.

So often, I let her carry a stick without fussing about it, but the one she tried to carry back last Sunday was way too big! It was a monster and too long for her even though she was feeling pretty sure of herself.

Evidently, there’s an art to stick carrying. You have to get it just right in your mouth, and positioning it usually takes a few minutes. After two or three tries, the group we were with got tired and told her to “leave it,” but that didn’t happen.

Sometimes, there are just too many sticks in this world and not enough time to enjoy them!

Kidding aside, this really was a pretty perfect stick, except for the size. Not much bark to eat, young and not snap-able. Things like that are important. Maybe, Wes has a little beaver in her DNA!

Regardless, determination and a strong neck will move a stick almost any place but eventually she had to decide whether to walk on or stay back with her stick. A hard choice for a one-year old Boykin!

But she finally made the right one! She’s hiking on with me. Notice her new lead recommended by the trainer she was with for a few weeks. It works great! It’s a slip lead and is loose when she isn’t pulling or when she stops pulling!