We wanted to recreate a memory! Exactly a year ago on this day, we had baby Wessy at Dry Falls with us. She was so small and I could almost hold her in one hand not the case now! I don’t even know how I could hold her in my arms in this photo

Dry Falls: We photograph this a couple of times each year. It is called Dry Falls because you can walk behind it.

Here we are at Mirror Lake. I don’t know whether this is a favorite place in Highlands or not but it certainly is a beautiful little lake where people have their canoes pulled up on the land at the west side of the lake. We think that people keep them there so they can pull them out into the water easily on a summer evening.

Targets for Wessy!

A big target for Wessy!

Me and Wessy!

Oh my goodness, the drive home with the winter sunset was beautiful!