I’m heading back to this wonder place very soon. Wessy loved the “Orchard,” and she was crazy happy to meet the dogs that call this beautiful farm home. I love it for her because it is pretty much wide-open and she can be with me and still run free some.

These photos were taken in late summer but already we saw asters and other wild flowers that signal the end of warmer weather in the south. Though it will be weeks away, fall was coming and we knew it!

These are home views. Meaning that these are the views that people in this part of North Carolina see everyday. If I could change places to live, western North Carolina would definitely gain my attention.

More beautiful views as we climbed the mountain behind our cabin. Suddenly, you realized that you were alone here . . . for the moment. The farm house at Old Orchard Creek.

Finally, Wessy and I reached the top. Whew . . . it was a powerful climb to the top and we went on to go back through a forest that was dense and inviting. ThThis was my favorite spot on the trail—the swing on the trail!

Lots of loving here. Wes was so happy to be out walking and then to stop and play in the wild grasses!

Then it was time to “hike” on! She was actually tired after this one. I was tired and wondered why in the world I decided to do this right before leaving to travel home but it is “hands down” one of the best hikes of 2022!

The guy who owns this property created a broad pathway that is fun to hike but it is strenuous! There’s nothing easy about this hike except for the views!

I’m so glad we hiked this path because it was just special—from the deep woods to the extreme overlooks.

Wessy finally wore me out and I let her go ahead of me. I knew that we were getting close to the cabin and she was sort of in a contained environment.

Summer lingers!

Finally, we emerged from the forest and we were beat! But we did it!

Pat heading back up to the cabin. Wessy did not realize that I had fallen behind while taking photos of butterflies. So, I had a few moments alone with the camera. Wes is my constant everything. She even wants to help me brush my teeth! LOL!