I wish I could shake a Bob Dylan song out of my head! It has been hanging around for days. One line goes like this: “You’re going to make me lonesome when you go.” I realize after I leave northeast Georgia, I’ll miss it tremendously. But I can drive back during special seasons.

There is nothing to compare to the crunch of freshly fallen leaves under foot. I remember the awe I had when I first moved here. Everything I did was an occasion for fresh air, relaxation, and a wilderness experience!

I never did learn how to trout fish and that’s okay. I’ve watched enough people casting and recasting their rods to know that my place is not in the middle of a freezing trout steam but on the bank of a trout stream with a camera. In fact, while I was taking this photo, two people emerged from this small river and neither one of them had caught a single fish! But they were loving the experience of being in the middle of this wonderfully inviting forest.