Yes, it really does look like a cross! As we started the walk to Hemlock Falls, I noticed the light streaming through the Hemlock and Long Needle Pine trees. Even though it was late in the day, the woods were already dark because the sun was dropping down behind the mountains.

I stepped off the trail, climbed under a line of Mountain Laurel, and saw this wonderfully refreshing sight. This trail is one that almost anyone can hike. Every time I park at the trailhead, I run into people of all ages. Once again, I ran into a couple who were much older and after a few minutes of fast paced walked they caught up with us at the bridge that leads to the lower falls.

In this photo, we are approaching the foot bridge that crosses the stream and goes on to the falls. On this day, we did not hike the full trail because it was getting late. The area is very safe and you can always expect to run into families and dogs that are usually on leads.