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My Daddy’s Hand

Before Daddy was taken into surgery yesterday, I took this photo of his hand covering mine. By the evening he was in a private hospital room enjoying the news that the surgery was successful. It will probably make a huge difference in his memory and balance problems. All thanks and praise are given to the [...]

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Victory Won!

I'm still posting photos that were taken in or near Williamsburg, VA, this past August. These are of the Yorktown battlefields where the Revolutionary War was fought. In a way, the fields reminded me of the Civil War battlefields at Kennesaw Mountain north of Atlanta except they are smaller and more compact. This is where [...]

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It’s A Toy’s Life!

Well, I'm having to learn a new program for photo editing. (smile) So, instead of taking a matter of minutes to get a photo posted, it's taking hours. Regardless, I had to post these! Yesterday, I walked through the sunroom and noticed "Toy" had been neatly rolled and wrapped in "Blankie." "Well, Chip," I said, [...]

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Family Matters

We made it! My parent's house closed last week, the estate sale took place the week before and now we just need to separate and file all the paperwork—a huge task waiting for me to tackle. The VA is helping with the monthly expenditures. Praise God, Dad (Uncle Jack) served his country during the Korean [...]

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