I got up on Wednesday and had to drive to Gainesville to be with my Mom and Dad. Dad is scheduled for surgery, and we had to talk with the doctor and make more decisions. Then I headed north to Clarkesville for an appointment. But before I went home, I decided to snap a few photos just to see if I’m mastering this new way of editing my files.

This little church has long been a favorite place for me to stop. I have come to realize church officials keep a candle burning all the time. The last time I was there, a friend was with me and we saw it and thought it was a mistake. In fact, we even contemplated blowing it out just in case someone forgot that it was burning. But I think we realized otherwise. It burns to signify the fact that nothing is strong enough to extinguish the love of God.

I’m still trying to decide how to photograph this kneeling bench at the altar. Maybe I’ll try a different angle next time. While I was there, a lady from the church was in and out checking on the flowers and the way things were arranged around the pulpit. I told her I just wanted to be in a quiet, peaceful place for a few minutes, and she smiled and said, “That’s okay. Stay as long as you like.”

Then I walked outside, the rain had stopped, and I realized the daisies were fading. Fall is coming quickly and  winter will be here before we know it.