This is the path of the Tugaloo River that runs through Lake Hartwell in Stephens County. We’ve spent a lot of time on this river/lake this summer. The other night we took the kayaks out and paddled toward a place that people in this area call “Broken Bridges.”

Broken Bridges was constructed in 1873 as a railroad trestle. However, by 1918 the tracks had been relocated further up river where a new trestle had been built. This bridge survived and became known as “the Highway 123 Bridge,” which connected Georgia to South Carolina. Later the highway was also moved leaving this bridge without a real future. The center section was removed to prevent people from crossing it. However, plenty of people continue to use it for recreation every day.

Just an awesome sunset view.

You can see one of the paddlers in this photo heading back to the boat ramp on the Georgia side.

I think it was at this point that we decided to paddle harder and get back to the car before the sun disappeared totally.