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Enjoying These Days in The Mountains

Yes, it really does look like a cross! As we started the walk to Hemlock Falls, I noticed the light streaming through the Hemlock and Long Needle Pine trees. Even though it was late in the day, the woods were already dark because the sun was dropping down behind the mountains. I stepped off the [...]

It’s A Ruff Life

It's truly a ruff life. Chipley has it made (or so he thinks) with me working from home for a few days. He really settles in and gets cozy. I couldn't live without a dog knocking around the house and he is constantly at my side while . . . Cocoa is at my feet. [...]

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Chip is such a good boy these days. His greatest desires includes obeying and pleasing those he is with. But right behind those two things is his never ending desire to see cows! He still has this need (or whatever it is) to be with them! Without a doubt his favorite TV ads come from [...]

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