Lately, I’ve been stopping at Jaemor Farms a couple of times a week. This time I stopped purely to take a mental break from the stress that I have been feeling since my Dad has been so sick. I always buy fresh vegetables and produce most of which is grown at this very large “Atlanta attraction.” The reason I call it this is because the parking lot is usually filled with cars bearing tags from Fulton, Cobb, Gwinnett, Clayton, and even Forsyth counties.

I remember a few years ago the only bread baked here was either apple or peach. But now there are many  different varieties—everything from Cinnamon Pecan to Jalapeno Cheddar to Peach, Apple, and Strawberry. Honestly, I won’t allow myself to buy any of these, but I noticed that most everyone who went through the checkout line picked up a loaf.

These are not Arkansas Blacks, which I love. (The folks at Jaemor have these trees right up front.) These are Fuji apples, and I simply took the photo because the lighting was a little better. Arkansas Blacks have a very deep red color and can be made into wonderful jelly.

Then there are the fried pies that always make me think of Judy and how she would ask me to “buy a fried pie for her” from Jaemor. “Back then” we were only talking a fried apple or peach pie. Today, they fry up every kind imaginable.

This place even has a corn maze, which is a total money maker. I won’t even tell you how much it costs to weave your way through this year’s maze. I think that corm mazes that are eight bucks and higher are way over priced and this one was beyond that.

Finally back at the house I shared my “Blacks” with the dogs. They were focused only on one thing: getting a taste of my fresh apple. They loved it!