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Will Rise Again!

I love St. Paul's columns! If they could talk, they would tell us of hundreds of years of history—coronations, weddings, funerals, and a particular resurrection. I took these photos a few years ago while visiting England. During a walking tour of London, our guide told the following story and I thought it was worth passing [...]

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The dogs went for a ride with me on Friday and for a while they were snug in the backseat. But that did not last with Cocoa. We were driving along a country road so I let her climb up into the front seat beside me. But guess who could not be in the backseat [...]

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Cannons on Little Kennesaw Mountain

I have loved the trees at Kennesaw Mountain for years. It is such a protected area. On this day, sunlight literally blazed down through fall's leaves. And then there is Little Kennesaw Mountain. I bet you have never heard of it. On June 27, 1864, no pathway existed on on the mountain. Yet Confederate soldiers [...]

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