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Goodbye Christmas

I took the dogs out to Kennesaw Mountain yesterday and rediscovered just how beautiful that area is. Wide pathways and lots of room to breath deep and be thankful that it  is so close. As we were leaving I noticed that someone had placed a well-worn Christmas decoration on a tree limb near the parking [...]

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Surprised by Sunlight

I'll get the hang of photographing in and around this new city. It's just going to take some time. No cows, foxes, or bears here but there are a few scattered deer. You just have to be quick to catch a glimpse of one. On Wednesday morning after two full days of rain, I noticed [...]

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Quiet Christmas Wishes!

  This little log cabin is actually a Methodist church—dressed up so sweet for Christmas. Merry Christmas from my dear Cocoa Joy! And Chip wishes everyone a very good Christmas night. For years, I have passed the Marietta National Cemetery and noticed the Christmas wreaths on the soldiers' graves. It is really a neat sight. [...]

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Snap Shots

Just a few iPhone snap shots: Here's Cocoa Joy in the car on her way home after her first visit back to Dog School 101. Trainers sent her home with a Christmas gift and a new leather lead! She got to see Sandy, who calls her "Cocomo" and Xalina, who gave her lots of hugs [...]

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Window Shopping

The Brumby Chair Company was founded in 1875! It's an American classic. Each chair is made of Appalachian Red Oak and comes in four sizes: jumbo, the lady, two-person, and the smallest size for children. I just noticed the company's telephone number listed in this photo. It is the year it was founded. Here's another [...]

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Upstairs; Downstairs

This is not an episode from the BBC's Upstairs Downstairs series but it is definitely a new way of living for Cocoa and Chipley. I call this view the "cat drop," and it really is. The other night as I walked through the dining room and headed for the steps to go upstairs, the cat [...]

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