The Brumby Chair Company was founded in 1875! It’s an American classic. Each chair is made of Appalachian Red Oak and comes in four sizes: jumbo, the lady, two-person, and the smallest size for children. I just noticed the company’s telephone number listed in this photo. It is the year it was founded.

Here’s another American Classic. It’s Hemingway’s. This is the place where several years ago Maxine (the normally lovable chocolate lab) took a bite out of Cocoa Joy’s nose. What a surprise that was. Our Dog School 101 class usually met after class for lunch and fellowship. But it all ended with this one event—a little dog rumble on the outside deck.

I don’t know why I chose to take this photo. I think it just reminds me of Johanna and how we’ll get to celebrate Christmas together.

I found out that you can hop on the Marietta Trolley and for an hour learn all your mind can handle about the city and its history—which includes cotton, guns, and lots of horse tales.

It’s just a Southern thing: moonshine jars or in this case: “Redneck Wineglasses.”