Last week, a friend who is also a student at a local college posted a question on Facebook. It went something like this: “Where do I go to do some photography in the city of Toccoa?” I wrote back and told him: go for sunset in the city! These are just some quick shots but I love the way the sun warms the city right now. It is a fall sun that blankets the city, the buildings, and even the windows in the antique shops with warmth making the area inviting and friendly. Most of the time photography is not about the big things. It is about the small things that grab your attention and heart. Always make a story with the photos you take and you will make people smile and feel all warm inside. That’s a good thing!

I can imagine a young boy sitting side-ways on a bike like this one and posing for the camera sort of like this . . .

Kelly Vickers and I used this photograph in the book Toccoa: Images of America. I think we both fell in love with these guys and their carefree spirit.

You can photograph anything! Here is a trolling motor that I’m sure someone has used in Lark Hartwell at one point. Or at least that is the way the story goes in my head. I never had a need for one of these until last summer when we were trying to find a way down the Tugaloo River. But I also learned if you have a trolling motor you need to have a John Boat! And John Boats can be used in very shallow water—like the back waters of Lake Hartwell or while traveling down the Tugaloo River. My goodness: the things I have learned while living in Stephens County. I will never forget the wonderful folks who live in this area. I have my eye on a small weekend home on Lake Yonah. That would be absolutely fun.