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Will Rise Again!

I love St. Paul's columns! If they could talk, they would tell us of hundreds of years of history—coronations, weddings, funerals, and a particular resurrection. I took these photos a few years ago while visiting England. During a walking tour of London, our guide told the following story and I thought it was worth passing [...]

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Lewis’ Pond @ Lewis Close

True confession: I have been so busy moving my mom and dad to a senior living community that I have not had time to take any photos for this blog. Last night was the first evening in weeks that I had the opportunity to rest, and I decided to watch Shadowlands again for the umpteenth [...]

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Move In Date

  I just read some place today that today in 1930, C. S. Lewis and his brother Warren (Warnie) along with Mrs. Moore and her daughter and their dog moved into the Kilns—the home where Lewis lived until his death on November 22, 1963. This photo of the Kilns was taken several years ago while [...]

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