I just read some place today that today in 1930, C. S. Lewis and his brother Warren (Warnie) along with Mrs. Moore and her daughter and their dog moved into the Kilns—the home where Lewis lived until his death on November 22, 1963. This photo of the Kilns was taken several years ago while I visiting Oxford. We were there on a day much like today—overcast and rainy. But we had a wonderful time.

The warden of the house showed us around the house, and because no one else was there, she even took us up stairs and into the attic where we saw some of Lewis’s old furniture and even a wardrobe! We were awestruck. Later we had tea and sweet bread cookies in the same dining room where Lewis, Joy, and Warnie would eat each evening. I felt a lot like a character from one of his Narnia novels: the table, the food, and the sleeping kings of old.


They still put out “sweeties” in a small white bowl on his desk. We were told that these were among his favorite treats. I think they are basically pure sugar and should be used to sweeten cups of hot tea.