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Tunnel of Love

The tunnels on the Parkway (there are 26 of them) were carved out of the Blue Ridge mountains. Most of the work was done by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. Building these tunnels was a costly and hazardous venture. But it had to be done if the road was going to run along [...]

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I remember my rockin' horse and how I spent hours on it riding the "range" looking for the Lone Ranger. Okay, I may have just dated myself. The TV programs were reruns, folks.

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Always When . . . .

Always when I get a new lens or camera, there is a learning curve. The first couple of shots are great and then something happens. Usually it is called "user error." I'm trying to deal with learning how to use an ultra wide angle lens and the place I chose to give it a try [...]

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A Little Swim

Part of the fun of living in northeast Georgia is being able to jump in the car with the dogs and drive to the mountains in a short amount of time. Last Sunday, I had a brilliant idea that turned out to be not so brilliant. I decided to go to Lake Winfield-Scott—a beautiful little [...]

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Fall Cometh!

I was at Jaemor Farms this past weekend and for the first time in my life, I saw later summer peaches grown locally! We have peaches in May, June, and in some places late August but not mid-September. Over 40 different varieties of peaches are grown in Georgia between mid-May and mid-August. Each year, Georgia [...]

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