Always when I get a new lens or camera, there is a learning curve. The first couple of shots are great and then something happens. Usually it is called “user error.” I’m trying to deal with learning how to use an ultra wide angle lens and the place I chose to give it a try was Tallulah Gorge. It makes no sense because as I have written before, there is really bright light at the rim of the gorge and very dark shadows at the bottom. But since I’m not claiming to be a professional photographer, I can do (and will continue to do) goofy things and get away with them.

Cocoa is silvering on the top of her head. I thought about dying her hair, but I know that would be a little messy. She will just have to be herself—no matter what stage of life she’s entering. Here’s a photo of her with Chip—the one who sticks “closer than a brother.”