I have loved the trees at Kennesaw Mountain for years. It is such a protected area. On this day, sunlight literally blazed down through fall’s leaves.

And then there is Little Kennesaw Mountain. I bet you have never heard of it. On June 27, 1864, no pathway existed on on the mountain. Yet Confederate soldiers found a way to haul six cannons up to the top where they successfully used them to turn away advancing Union troops. Today, a half-mile trail leads to the crest of the mountain and to the place where Storrs’ Confederate batteries stopped the Union assault in the battle of Kennesaw Mountain.

A gentle maple is covered in the afternoon sunlight. I’ve had little time for photography over these last few weeks, especially since my Dad has been so sick. All I can do is try to steal away for short periods of time to capture a quick photo here and there of autumn’s glory.