Before Kelly and I signed books last Saturday, I took a few minutes to check out Aisling bookstore. There were books everywhere! I had never seen this many books in any one place in Toccoa

Kelly and I moved outside where we signed copies of the book we co-authored: Toccoa — Images of America.

There was a puppeteer beside us whose show was a delight for children and adults. His closing act featured the song “Time to Say Goodbye” sung by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. I won’t easily forget this day nor will I forget the hauntingly beautiful music God used to remind me that it truly was time to go.

In closing I just have to say that I think Wesley (Brenna and Kelly’s son) will grow up to fit perfectly in this area. He already has a sheriff’s badge, a tough guy look, and the desire to hunt down moonshiners and outlaws! (smile)