Well, I’m having to learn a new program for photo editing. (smile) So, instead of taking a matter of minutes to get a photo posted, it’s taking hours. Regardless, I had to post these!

Yesterday, I walked through the sunroom and noticed “Toy” had been neatly rolled and wrapped in “Blankie.”

“Well, Chip,” I said, “has Toy gone to bed?” I noticed that he was fast asleep in the chair. Immediately he jumped up to see what I was doing with his favorite doggie item, which is appropriately named “Toy.”

Then he said with a pleading voice, “Put Toy down!”

“He needs to take a nap!” When Toy was back in his place on the chair, Chip laid down, curled up beside him, and went back to sleep. . . . The things dogs do are amazing.

In fact, every dog in the house was napping. “Is this what you guys do all day when I’m not here?”