We made it! My parent’s house closed last week, the estate sale took place the week before and now we just need to separate and file all the paperwork—a huge task waiting for me to tackle. The VA is helping with the monthly expenditures. Praise God, Dad (Uncle Jack) served his country during the Korean War, and now he can enjoy these months and years in a much better way. This photo was taken in the cafe where mom and he live. They have a very nice kitchen in their apartment, but they also can go to the cafe or the dining room for lunch or dinner.

In this photo, we were getting ready to go to the closing of the house, and Mom and Jay had just finished lunch.

I told Dad that I was going to post these photos for the family to see and he said, “Mighty fine!” I asked, “Do you remember your niece Debbie?” He said, “Debbie Madden? I sure do.”

Mom is really in a place where she can relax a little more. She can now focus more on helping Dad with his medicine but she can also enjoy some of the amenities of senior independent living. They were able to take a good bit of their furniture with them.

Here’s the second bedroom. I took this photo because I wanted everyone to see Granddaddy and Grandmother Ramage’s photos in the corner. During the move, I found the original custom table pad for their oak dining table. Grandmother had ordered it in 1913 from Rich’s and paid only $15.99! I have kept it and plan to use it on the table this Christmas.