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Really Cool Cows!

I continue to miss my Toccoa cows and all the other wildlife living in the area! Recently, these PA cows helped to ease my sense of loss. Of course, remembering how much Chipley loves cows always makes me smile. The baby in this photo certainly would have made him howl!

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Amish School by Sunset

I really love this area in western Pennsylvania. I think if I lived here I could really have a hobby photographing the countryside. The above photo is of a small Amish school. I have more photos to post, but they will come later . . . maybe tomorrow. As I took this shot, Amish families [...]

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The Vermilion Light

Vermilion is a really sweet coastal town. I've photographed its lighthouse in the dead of winter when it was mind-numbing cold. This time the temperatures were at the opposite extreme—the high 90's. I discovered pretty fast that people who live up north usually don't mix well with heat. Air conditioners were running with great fury [...]

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Headin’ South

Joy and Denny, who are my Pennsylvania friends, are heading south but not until March. If they could, they would come tomorrow. But this is true of many, who live in the northeast. I heard a news report last week saying that people, who live in the northeast portion of the US, are fed up [...]

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