Okay, so this is an Amish buggy and notice how I waited for it to pass by before I took the photo! Honestly, I would not want someone to stand outside my home and snap photos of me. So, I get it. Plus, their beliefs really prevent them from posing for photos. End of that discussion!

Amish plowing his field. This was taken the evening before the heavens opened up and it rained like I have never seen it rain. It was rain coming down from Canada and off Lake Erie

Wash day! Lots of blues but now there are other colors mixed in—not in this photo but you see them in the community.

I’ve always loved this view. It is interesting that every year, the farmer of this field leaves a couple of rows open, so we can see his silo from this angle.

All is quiet. All is quiet. It’s the close of the day. Peace be still.