While I was in western PA this summer, I just had to visit a place where Joy and Denny took us on every trip. McConnells Mill and the covered bridge there is without a doubt one of my favorite places to visit. The bridge was built in 1874, and is a Howe truss bridge. Denny tried to explain that to me, but I never quite understood. It’s one of two covered bridges in Lawrence County near where they lived.

The mill and the bridge are now owned by the county and are located on state land. The area is called McConnells Mill State Park. They are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The above photo and the one immediately below were easy to take. But the ones below these were tougher because they required much more of a challenge.

Don’t you love the inside of this bridge?! It’s still in use today, which means we only had a few seconds to cross it before the next car came.

Basically, I rock scrambled to get this shot and won’t be doing that again. After a slide down a hillside and then a very hard climb out of the river gorge, I decided I’m finally getting too old for stuff like this. LOL! Besides, once I stepped back on the trail and traveled a few feet, I spotted an easier pathway out to the rocks and a perfect view of the covered bridge. (Shaking my head!)

The stream above the mill was calm. We usually see it in the winter months and it’s covered with ice and snow.

The waterfall at the mill . . .

And then there were the really rocky areas on this trail. It is like something out of Narnia! These people are Pat’s family but I want to claim them, too. They are too wonderful for words. Each one is a reflection of the love and care that filled Joy and Denny’s hearts. And they love the Lord so much. Grateful to know them.

Miriam or Mim, Joy’s daughter and Pat. Love this photo!

In leaving this area, I will always and forever think of Denny and how he first drove me up this road in deep snow. I told him that it always looked so narrow and like it belonged to “other world.” One thing for sure, it’s a beloved area for me and, I think, really for all of us.