Beautiful day yesterday and the perfect day to head to the Chattooga River for Wessy’s first visit to Woodall Shoals. She’ll never actually swim in these waters because they are way to dangerous. But it is the perfect place to walk side-by-side for a short distance and then to see the river—the wild and scenic Chattooga! Notice that Wessy is watching Chip’s every step!

Roll reversal! I remember when Chip was a puppy and he would walk alongside Cocoa Joy. Now, it is his turn to lead the way. What I’m discovering is that Wessy is a very quick “study.”

On top of everything else, Wessy loves sticks! All kinds of sticks—small sticks, large sticks, and those in-between along with leaves and rocks (yikes).

The Chattooga at this point is broad and swift moving but the water level is down from when we were here last year. Not to scare anyone but five paddlers have died here and since 1970, 30 people have died in the waters of the Chattooga River. This particular point is a powerful part of the river at low levels and becomes more so with increasing flow. The hole at the bottom of this chute is very sticky and difficult at levels over 3 feet, so kayaks beware. Honestly, people who even wade in this part of the river are warned not to go out beyond the shoreline.

Exploring along the edge of the river. Look at Wessy’s legs! She’s growing.

She’s a wild little dog that is smart, smart, smart! She loved the river and I was careful to carry her out—totally against her will—because she is way to young to walk very far. This little trail was .2, but it is steep. Thus, she got carried!

There is the “stick thing” again. This was twice her size and she pulled it along the beach with her, so, of course, I let her take it home.

There’s always a beautiful afternoon along the Chattooga River! We just keep it real and while I have paddled it twice with a guide, I no longer need to see it from the water to appreciate it! It is one of the most beloved rivers in the country.