I love photographing this little Amish school house at sunset. Best friends and like-family members Joy and Denny took me there years ago and every time I visit Mercer County in western PA. I’ll be back there soon. It is the one place that reminds me of them the most. Notice the buggy wheel marks in the loose tossed-stone paving.  The school is heated with a wood-burning stove and the “facilities” are in the little building out to the right—guys up front and the girls in the back.

Notice the hand pump in the front. A few years ago, Denny “caught” eye of it and decided to “give it a try.” We all shouted a united “no!”

He looked at us like we were crazy. I was sure the Amish “police” would immediately rush down on us telling us to leave immediately. Joy was yelling out from the inside of the car for him to stop.

Pat calmly told him to “leave it alone,” and I remember just looking at him. Then he said, “Do you want to see how it works?” Sure I did! He continued, “You pump it like this.” Soon water flowed out and spilled onto the pad beneath the pump. That was Denny. What a happy memory!