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Denny’s Door

We were driving up to Heritage to see a movie when Denny really began to notice the icicles the different houses. He had told me a day or so earlier that when icicles were present it usually meant the house or structure did not have enough insulation. I remember seeing icicles when I was a [...]

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Abandoned Barns

Denny always has at least a couple of good stories for me when I visit him and his family. Last year, he talked about the value of beach glass as we drove around Lake Erie and photographed lighthouses. (He walked the beaches collecting beach glass while we took photographs.) This year, we stopped at abandoned [...]

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Amish Homes

Even when they are abandoned, Amish homes are peaceful and beautiful. The families do not allow photographs to be taken of their homes and families. We were able to get out and walk around this farm because the family had moved and according to Denny—our trusted guide again this year—this is not normal. We all [...]

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Days Off And Days Away

The old Mercer County courthouse near where we are staying provided the perfect backdrop for a snowy day. I love the ceiling on the courthouse porch, but I wonder what the color blue means in this part of the country. And the sign on the steps is telling everyone that it is closed. Below is [...]

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