I’ve gotten accustomed to going on “Denny Day Trips” that take me and those with me to far away places. On Wednesday afternoon, we packed the car and headed north or east or somewhere. Now that I think about it, when I’m in PA, I just let him and his wife Joy plan the day. This is the view of  the Allegheny River Trail. We have been to this river before in winter with snow falling down around us. This photo is of the Belmar Bridge—a railway bridge that was built to span the Allegheny River for the Jamestown, Franklin and Clearfield Railroad. It is 1,361 feet long, weighs 38,000 tons, and took more than a year to complete. The first train crossed this bridge on February 5, 1907.

We were in a different area but it doesn’t matter. Each view is beautiful and each one exposes the vast wilderness surrounding me. On the way back to his car, a fisherman stopped us and said, “Oh, you are going to like this trail.” I was relaxed with the sun and the wind washing down over me. Then I heard the following, “I saw a bear track down by where I was fishing,” he smiled just like the people do in Toccoa when they insist on telling me some wild tale that usually ends with me being frightened out of my wits.

The bridge that is a part of the trail was once a working railroad bridge with a double track. The steel, of course, was from Pittsburgh, PA. I thought this was an interesting photo of a guy on a jet ski floating down the river. It’s passenger was fishing off the side of the boat. No worries right?

This is a striking area and the day was awesome. A gentle wind was blowing and the temperatures were just right. I have to admit that I have fallen in love with northwestern Pennsylvania. I love the idea that we can drive to Lake Erie or even Canada in a day if our DDTs take us there. But I don’t think I’m tough enough to live there in the winter. And I don’t think Cocoa or Chip would make it either. But then there’s the bear track and the fact that this area probably does contain wolves . . . and who knows what else lurks in those woods.


I wish I had purchased this little guy for Chip. It’s Jack London through and through.