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What A Weekend!

Here are some snap shots from Saturday's venture down the Tugaloo River. Last year was a lot of fun but this year was even better. Several people from the college joined the group and a good many from the community. In this photo, Jim and Sharon Morden enjoy a fun moment before we put the [...]

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Ready to Paddle

We got our boats into the water about 9:15 a.m. and were paddling down the Tugaloo River toward Estatoe  by 9:30. "The Cherokee Indians inhabited this and other village sites along the Tugaloo River. They were a great agricutural society with the Estatoe Indian Village being  an important trading village on the corridor. The Tugaloo [...]

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Tying One On

We picked up canoes and kayaks today. Tomorrow a group of us (50 people) will head off down the river and out across Lake Hartwell. Kelly will make sure we have all the Indian information that we can handle. Cherokee Indians once had a very large village in this area. It is rich with history [...]

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What A Face!

I studied psychology in college and came away with a degree in counseling. So, this is your Rorschach Ink Blot test question for the day: What do you see in this photo? I thought it looked like a large animal—maybe an elephant. Actually, it is of a large piece of driftwood on a Jekyll Island [...]

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Mom’s Flowers

Mom is getting older, but her backyard is still beautiful. I know that one of the things I'll always remember about her is her love for flowers. She told me last week that she gets up in the mornings and walks through her garden talking to God. And that sometimes, He talks back. Then she [...]

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