Here are some snap shots from Saturday’s venture down the Tugaloo River. Last year was a lot of fun but this year was even better. Several people from the college joined the group and a good many from the community. In this photo, Jim and Sharon Morden enjoy a fun moment before we put the boats into the river at Walker Creek.

Dale Garside (rear of this canoe) told me that he was glad I had brought my camera. I always have to take the risk because you can’t see this view from the side of a road. You have to be in the river to catch the reflections of the clouds and awesome blue sky on the water.

Donna Good is a proud owner of one slick kayak. I can’t decide: new camera or new kayak? It’s a hard decision now that all of us are enjoying being outside.

Kelly gives facts about the area and the Cherokee Indian towns that once dotted the edge of the river.

We even pull up together at a couple of points so he can give greater details. This is where his stories come to life.

In the background, Kelly is talking about the Jarrett Plantation and the old covered bridge (Prather Bridge) that was at this location. All that remains of this structure is three support columns. One is in the background of this photo. In the foreground, Sharon is having lots of fun taking photos of church members.

Our view for most of the day. Just beautiful again this year. Guess you can understand how my neck got sunburned.

Finally, we entered a really quiet stream that led to Longnose Falls where we stopped for lunch.

After resting, talking, and having lunch, we head back out on the water. In all, we spend about five hours paddling and listening to Indian stories.


Here is this year’s group shot via Kelly’s camera. It just keeps growing!