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I keep driving up to Clarkesville to photograph this one particular section of the city. It's a place where I can get away for a few minutes and relax with the camera. People are always around, and they seem to understand the camera thing. After all, Clarkesville is where North Georgia Technical College is located, [...]

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Two by Two

I love the fact that my day lilies are blooming outside my door, but I hate the fact that they only last a day! These blooms still had rain drops on them that were left over from the night before.

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The Forest Light

The other day I hiked the pathway that leads away from the falls and ends up in dense woods. This is the old post road that led to Helen, Georgia. It is also part of the Cherokee Indian footpath, which later became known as the Unicoi Turnpike. This is one of the areas where the [...]

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