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Carl Sandburg’s House

The National Park Service guide told us that Carl Sandburg (1878-1967) spent a lifetime "exploring what it meant to be an American and asked the eternal questions, Who am I, where am I going, and where have I been?" The Poet Laureate and three-time Pulitzer Prize-winner's home is located in Flat Rock, North Carolina. He moved [...]

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I Had to Do This!

Okay, I had to do this! Do you remember when it was this cold last winter? All of us . . . every last one of us was wishing, hoping, and praying for summer temperatures. Well, guess what? We got exactly what we prayed for and so much more. Tomorrow it's supposed to be in [...]

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Cocoa Joy

It continues to be just plain hot in northeast Georgia. The other evening I was out in the front yard with Cocoa waiting for the sun to set so we could go for our usual walk. We have come to a point where we walk just before dark—coyotes or no coyotes—because it is cooler. This [...]

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Dancing In The Wind

The hotter the weather the more Queen Anne's Lace seems to dot our landscape. Many times, while driving, I have not been able to pull over and photograph it. Finally on my way home from North Carolina last Thursday, I spotted an entire field. I quickly turned the car around and headed back. Once I [...]

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Lick Log Mill Store

This has been a favorite destination of mine for years. I've watched this little store evolve being very rustic (it still is but that is part of its charm) to offering very high end merchandise. The Lick Log Mill Store is located just outside of Highlands, North Carolina and plenty of people stop to purchase [...]

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Staying Cool!

With temperature in the high 90's, people are looking for places where they can cool off. These guys seem to have found it! This waterfall is located on Highway 64 outside of Highlands, North Carolina.   I've photographed this set of waterfalls in the spring and also in the fall and this is the lowest [...]

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