This has been a favorite destination of mine for years. I’ve watched this little store evolve being very rustic (it still is but that is part of its charm) to offering very high end merchandise. The Lick Log Mill Store is located just outside of Highlands, North Carolina and plenty of people stop to purchase items for their homes in the mountains.

The store has been featured in Southern Living magazine and has a super loyal following. But the owner told me this past weekend that she had decided that she would probably never have a computer. She accepts cash or a check but that’s it. She still hand writes out her invoices and wraps everything purchased in lovely tissue paper. So, you won’t find her or her store on the internet except when it has been mentioned by another loyal customer.

When I left, her husband was hard at work in the garden that runs alongside the old mill. The flowers were lovely thanks to the afternoon rains this area always seems to enjoy.