The other day I hiked the pathway that leads away from the falls and ends up in dense woods. This is the old post road that led to Helen, Georgia. It is also part of the Cherokee Indian footpath, which later became known as the Unicoi Turnpike. This is one of the areas where the trail crosses over a small river. “It runs between Vonore, Tennessee and Murphy, North Carolina, follows and ancient trade path that once connected the Overhill Cherokee towns along the Little Tennessee and Tellico rivers in eastern Tennessee to the coastal ports in Georgia and South Carolina. Most of the trail can be easily explored by automobile. A restored section of original roadbed that is located in the Cherokee National Forest, is open to the public for hiking.” (Tennessee Overhill Heritage Association)

I love the reflections of the trees in the water. Over the next few days I hope to post more photos taken from this area. It is raw and wild. And as the years pass, it is returning to its natural state.