Vermilion is a really sweet coastal town. I’ve photographed its lighthouse in the dead of winter when it was mind-numbing cold. This time the temperatures were at the opposite extreme—the high 90’s. I discovered pretty fast that people who live up north usually don’t mix well with heat. Air conditioners were running with great fury or “full tilt” as my grandmother would have said. And no one was willing to tell me just how low the settings were. It was freezing in all the buildings and houses!


One afternoon, we ended up in this little coffee shop where all of us enjoyed the atmosphere, the conversation, and the espresso! I came a way with a half pound of Pirate’s Blend. Thus, continuing my “Pirate” theme, which I have no clue where it came from this summer.

And then there is this soda shop. Eating here and drinking a cherry coke is becoming a tradition.