This past weekend I finally found the Hemlock Falls trail near Moccasin Creek State Park. I had been on the hunt for it for months and even though it was “right there,” I kept missing it. Without a doubt it is one of the most beautiful trails in the state. Cocoa and Chip give it four paws. At the trail head, we met a lady and her husband, who were walking out. She wanted to say hi to the dogs and began to tell me about the area. Then she told me that she was 91-years old and that her husband was 87! They did not look a day over 74. I immediately knew that if they could hike 1.5 miles to Hemlock Falls, I could do the same.

These photos are not my best. They are “contrasty,” but it was early in the day and digital cameras fight with shadowy light and bright highlights. Still, I hope you can imagine the beauty of this setting. The stream below was fresh, cold, and rushing. Because the trail is located near Moccasin State Park, it is well used and overnight visitors find their way into the cool water at many different points. You will hear a lot of laughter as people play in the stream.

On the way to the main falls, you will pass several smaller falls. Cocoa and Chip could not resist wading into the water. Chip finally laid down in the stream and let the water flow over him.

Cocoa, on the other paw, barely gets in and usually wants me to come in with her. She checks everything out, cools off, gets a drink and then heads back to shore. But she absolutely loves this environment and never fails to say thank you with lots of dog hugs when she gets back on land.

Anytime water is involved, you can bet Chip will be in the middle of it.

The trail to Hemlock Falls is moderate with a couple of areas requiring a little more effort, and we decided that if a 91-year old grandmother can hike it, we can, too!

Finally, we reached of Hemlock Falls, which was very inviting. In fact, we just dropped our day packs and rested for a while beside the water taking in the awesome surroundings. We also met a family from Rome, Georgia, who were vacationing in the area. They arrived wearing swim suits and dove in the icy water. Spring-fed water is just too cold for me. I have tried on more than one occasion to swim in water like this, but I just can’t do it. It is freezing all summer long.


My guess is that someone other than Cocoa and Chip enjoyed the water, and this footprint proves it! Just as a side note, the greens of summer in northeast Georgia are really this green. Digital cameras, like my Nikon, can make them more pronounced. But for the most part, summer in northeast Georgia is always decked out in Irish green.

Below is the link to a site that lists all the waterfalls in north Georgia. Some are in remote areas and some are easy to access just like this one. Some people have set a goal to hike to different waterfall every weekend. I will say that with this many trails this close, the idea is very tempting. Hemlock Falls North Georgia Waterfalls