What to say about this photo and the one below? A neutral density filter—and the desire to make the water milky white! I’m learning and my new goal is to figure out how to use this new filter, which I have tried here.

For most of my life, I have used a camera to record “moments.” It’s photo journalism. One of my first jobs was for a newspapers. After  college, I just never stopped walking around with a camera in my hand. I’ve never owned a super expensive one, but I always had a camera that was more than adequate to satisfied my passion to record what I was seeing around me.

I love to photograph people in and out of life circumstances. And as a news photographer, I was told I “had” to get the photo—no matter what else took place. Photos sell newspapers and publications. I still want to “get the photo,” but now I’m also wanting to learn more about this art.

And the reason I mention photo journalism is because it works in this photo.

Last Sunday as I walked to Minnehaha Falls, I was sure I would almost be alone. I thought a couple of people would be visiting this favorite waterfall in northeast Georgia, but I had no idea, people would be repelling down the face of it!

My first thought was to be solely disappointed. I was hoping to capture a beautiful scene with no distractions. ND filters work best on cloudy days and this day was cloudy (without rain). What did I do? I reverted to photo journalism and I set up my camera on a tripod and simply let the people become a part of the scene. It works! I was happy and no one knew I had hoped for anything any different!